Tasked with reinvigorating the Gravity identity, to help signal a new direction for the brand with a greater focus on professional and hospitality sales than the previous supermarket audience. Amidst a sea of competitors vying for the highest perception of a ‘premium’ coffee, Gravity sits with quiet confidence – an established competitor, a reliable old friend, and a brand that hasn’t forgotten its roots. While current trends often seek to present coffee as an elite science reserved only for the most intellectual caffeine connoisseurs, the Gravity brand remains fun, values people over product, and gently reminds customers that it’s not (all) rocket science.

When given the opportunity to rebrand, I initially faced the temptation to selfishly start from scratch. However, opted to build on the equity of an iconic purple so many people already knew. Expanding the colour system, not content to just dominate one hue, but rather own the entire purple segment of the wheel, with four unique shades forming part of the identity.
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